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6.8 stem for Dillon super swage.

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i made one up tonite. i have some Horady brass with the primer crimp. could not get it to go with the .223 stem so i turned one out on the lathe. more usable brass is always good. the Dillon is the best machine for dealing with the PITA swage found on Military ammo. not sure why Hornady does it to their 6.8 but it's a non issue now.
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I use an RCBS swager but it doesn't do so well on progressive presses.

I use the Hornady SP crimp removal tool in my RCBS trim mate thing and it cuts the crimp out in just about 1 sec each, doesn't get any easier than that since your already holding the case to chamfer& de-burr case mouth, de-burr flash hole(first loading), remove primer crimp(first loading), & clean/uniform the primer pockets. I love my trim mate, it makes life so much easier if you take all the steps of prepping your brass each time.
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