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6.8 spc will be especially hurt by a AWB II

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I would think, for this reason: the supply for normal capacity mags (i.e. 25rd) would be extremely limited. You would only have the supply that was already purchased.

Whereas, even after an AWB, there will be a lot of 30rd 5.56mm mags floating around out there.

You know, it's one thing to be hoarding $15 5.56mm mags right now, it's a bit different proposition to be hoarding mags that cost $30-50 each.

I would think that businesses investing in the 6.8spc platform would work hard, to the extent they can, to fight against a future AWB.
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jamesb74 said:
Couldn't you find the followers and just use the surplused 5.56 mags? The mags them selves would be banned but not the parts.
Is this is the case, why aren't we doing it now?
marinesg1012 said:
556 mags dont work....

either way lets worry about fighting any proposed ban, and not dealing woth something that isnt law... and to be honest isnt even in the works yet...
that's my point. If we are believers in 6.8, we need to fight against the ban. There are a million reasons to fight the ban, but one of them is the 6.8 will take a huge punch in the mouth.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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