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6.8 powders

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Thanks especially to Paul and others, I found a wealth of reloading data that I did not get anywhwre else. I still have a couple of questions about powder selection. I just got my Stag model 7 (20", 1:11, SPII) and will start to load as soon as I shoot up enough factory stuff and get some brass. I will use this rifle for targets and am more interested in accuracy than velocity.
It looks like H322, Benchmark, 10X and H4198 are good choices. Unfortunately of the 12+ powders I have, H335 is the closest to those in burn rate , followed by RL7 which may be too slow. I know each rifle is a law unto itself, but if I am using 100-115 grain bullets at 100-300 yards, what would be the first two picksfor accuracy if you had to start buying powders? Right now, the rifle shooys SSA 110 gr prohunter and Hornady 110gr Vmax the best. Thanks for any help.
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Thanks for the info guys. I fat fingered some of the post, including Mr. Santos's name (my apologies) and that I had RL 7 powder (don't know where that came from - I use RL 15 in my 6.5 Swede and .308). I am going to work up some loads with 335 and the 110 Hornady BTHP's I have. If anybody shows up with powder at the next show, I will get some 322 or 10x for the 100 grain Speer bullets I bought. No one I have found within 60 miles of me carries reloading supplie anymore, so I have to buy at shows or order and pay the shipping. Like ammo, I buy what I can find.
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