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constructor said:
Well, it snowed like crazy again today so I decided to play with the 6.8 pistol. I started out with a 11" barrrel and a carbine gas and it works great with everything except 90gr TNTs and RE7, just a slight short cycle. I could use a plastic buffer to fix that little problem.
I installed a M2 aimpoint that works good out to 50yds but, it was more fun with a green laser shooting from any position. I wish it was FA.
Then I popped a 9.5" with a pistol gas system on my pistol lower and swapped the laser over. Holy crap! that thing is crazy shooting from the hip. So now I'm sending off the paper work to turn it into a SBR and slap a can on the front, talk about clearing house!
I wanted to mount a HK stock on it but, they are heavy so now I just need to find a light, short stock.
That is wierd that it short stroked with the RE7. Sounds like fun though. I think we are going in different directions. You are getting into SBR's and I'm getting into the long rifles. :D
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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