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6.8 Finally on the board

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After missing a coyote and a hog back in October I have finally got the 6.8 on the board. I shot a coyote Saturday morning right at 80 yards with the Hornady Full Boar ammo. Slight quartering to me bullet entered right behind the shoulder and exited behind last rib and hip. The interesting thing to me was I could see the exit but no entrance. After laying for an hour and a short 10 minute ride in the truck did I find any blood matted up on the hide. Definitely full winter coat. I pulled out my knife to skin the hide back just to see wound size and it and the exit were both size of bullet without any signs of expansion. Blood shot around entrance was only silver dollar size. I wish I would have taken a pic of the both but didn't think about it.

Vertebrate Mammal Canidae Wildlife Coyote
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Yup, nice coat. Congrats. :a04:
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