We have hit some tough times and I am trying to not have to sell my 6.8 completely. As such, I am making it a dedicated deer gun and will just be using the CBB for it. When I first got into the 6.8 I bought all the bullets I could and was planning on doing plinking and such with it but that ship has sailed so I need to try to liquidate some of the non-essential items I have. I have the following for sale and can ship for exact cost, USPS flat rate with business pricing so the more you buy the more you save on shipping.
  1. 4 full, 1 partial box of Barnes 85g MPG $35/each. The partial only has a few bullets out of it and if you buy the other 4 I will throw that in for free.
  2. 3 boxes of Barnes 85g RRLP - $35/each
  3. 1 box of Barnes 85g TSX - $40
  4. 1 650 count, Speer 90g TNT - $110 SOLD
  5. 1 RCBS die set - $40
If you are local to the Roanoke VA area, I have some powders and primers available as well but obviously can't ship those so let me know if you are interested in any of that.