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6.8 Barrels HELP!

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Alright I am having trouble locating this beast...

6.8 SPC Chrome Lined Barrel - (The Jury is Still out on That One)
Mid Length Gas System
1/11 Twist 3-5 Grove SPC II (AMU/"Murray") Chamber
Medium to Medium Heavy Contour
Plus I am looking for M4 Feed Ramps Too!

Not that I am asking for something too specific.

Who can point me in the right direction...

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My Bison Armory barrels might suit your needs, except that they only come in 18" and 20" for the moment. They are very similar in profile to the Cardinal/Ko-Tonics SPR. They are also 416 Stainless.

Other than that, they seem to match your requirements to the letter.


Barrels *should* be here by mid April.
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