Up for sale is an outstanding 6.5 Grendel upper receiver that I have built using only top tier parts from 2aArmament and Odin Works.
Parts list is as follows..
Upper: 2aArmament Balios Lite
Hand Guard: 2aArmament Balios Lite
Gas Block: 2aArmament Ti
Barrel: 18” 6point5 Grendel intermediate gas SPR Profile
Bolt Carrier: High Polished M16 Carrier
Bolt: Odin Works Type II
Charging Handle: Radian
This upper shoots lights out (sub MOA) with factory 123 Hornady ammo and a quality scope. Only selling because I have a honeymoon to pay for. Other wise I’d keep it, it has harvested several nice mule deer and decent distances (325 & 400yrds).
This package will come with 1194 rounds of factory ammo, it has all been sorted by lot number..
829 Hornady 123SST
265 Hornady 123AMAX
59 Wolf 100FMJ
Also come with three mags
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