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556 data

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I'm looking for a load to test some uppers with. I have 55 grain fmj and 55 grain hornady soft points. I've got all types of powder. In my bolt guns I use 69 grain sierra and varget powder. I just need a average load to do some testing with. I don't want to get into my 556 stash. I was thinking 24 to 25 grains h335. If anyone has a pet load that they use in multiple guns that would be great. All my manuals are all over the place in starting load and max. I will do some load work up at another time. I just need a good starting point. Thanks.
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I've had pretty good groups with 25gn H335 out of my 16" 1:9 M4 pushing a Hornady 55gn fmjbt.
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