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556 components

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I've been browsing around all morning looking for the best prices on bulk once fired 556 brass and bulk bullets. Does any one have a vendor that they use? What is the going price on 556 with the crimped primer already removed? I've seen some for around $70 for 1000.
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There are several places to buy bullets online..cheap. It's just that they have been sold out for months and if they post more bullets, the prices seem to keep going up.

I'm glad I bought a bunch of bullets when they were cheap.

223 brass shouldn't be too hard to find. Ask around at your local range. They just might be willing to sell you some. Also, check out the EE on ar15.com I believe that there was some in the 60/1000 range last week. Don't sweat the crimped in primer thing. It's easily removed.

As far as bullets are concerned, expect to pay 85+ per 1000 for pulled 62 gr green tips and 60+ per 1000 on 55 gr pulled bullets. The green tips seem to be for sale much more then the 55 gr pulls.
i have some .223 crimps removed and sized. ready to prime and load. usually sell for $10 per hundred locally. 62 gr FMJBT bullets NOT pulls are about $105 per K new. 8# jug of Tac is about $135.
I'm looking for about 5000 brass and bullets. Just looking for the best deal. $70 per 1000 for once fired Lake City and $80 per 1000 for new 55 grain bullets is the best I can find.
I've had good luck w/these guys, but it's still $70/1000 before shipping for LC brass.

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