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50 BMG shooters? Summit Ammo and Reloading Gear?

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Any 50 shooters on the board?

My brother just picked up a Barrett M82 and has started looking into buying ammo and buy gear to start reloading. I'd rather ask questions on this board first before trying other sources.

We picked up some American Eagle FMJ at Cabela's over the weekend so we can go shoot it.

Anyone familier with Summit Ammunition?

Also what 50BMG reloading press and gear works best for you?

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ron169 said:
marinesg1012 said:
BW has a ship in the area, they have gotten requests from one or two companies but you need a major contract to keep a boat floating around the ocean..... and its all former seals doing it right now.
Figures... I dont wanna be n a boat with other secuity... I just want to be the armed pirate killer on a ship! Aaaaarrgh... think i would need a SPikes TActcal calico jack AAAAAR-15 for that
Someone's been watching Pirates of the Caribbean too often. :roll:

Don't forget to get your Xtreme upper from Titian Armory for your Calico Jack'd Spikes lower. :lol:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts