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50 BMG shooters? Summit Ammo and Reloading Gear?

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Any 50 shooters on the board?

My brother just picked up a Barrett M82 and has started looking into buying ammo and buy gear to start reloading. I'd rather ask questions on this board first before trying other sources.

We picked up some American Eagle FMJ at Cabela's over the weekend so we can go shoot it.

Anyone familier with Summit Ammunition?

Also what 50BMG reloading press and gear works best for you?

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Hey ART,

I have a local here that is selling some 50bmg rounds if your interested.

4 rounds of 750gr A-MAX
5 rounds of AP or Tracer
10 rounds of 660gr
19 rounds total for $95
ArtFWTx said:
Not to mention the scope purchase he's having to shell out for. My sister in law is going to flip out if she finds out about all this stuff that goes along with the Barrett. :lol: :lol:
Barrett M82 $8900
Scope For rifle $1700
20 rounds of 50bmg $100
range admission $10

Seeing the oh sh*t expression on everybodies face at the range-Priceless :shock: :D
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