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.50 BMG M2 AP....only $3 a round....DELIVERED...!!

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For those .50 cal aficionados among us....

Palmetto has .50 M2 AP black tip in stock for $3 a round including shipping...!!


This is a screaming deal as this is good Argentinian 80's manufacture black tip AP that is cheaper than most suppliers want for standard M2 before they add shipping charges. The last M2 I saw in stock was $3.45 a round plus shipping.

Get it while you can.

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marinesg1012 said:
ammo man sent out an email that they have it as well.
Understood...but Ammo Man is not a forum sponsor and Palmetto goes out of their way to support our forum members.

We need to support those vendors who support us....wherever possible.

Were it not for Palmetto we would never have had the forum 6.8 magazine group buy.

No problem...

The only downside to this ammo is that it is not reloadable...its berdan primed non corrosive.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts