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5.56x42 AR15 Performance BARREL and Whidden Dies For Sale

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Hey guys,
Ive got a AR15 Performance 5.56x42 20" (BARREL ONLY) with 5/8x24 Threads along with the Whidden Dies for it that i would like to sale.

Im goin to go with a ARP 20" 223 barrel as Wildcatting is not for me. It was kinda fun, but alot of work.

Here was my setup.
Round Count is 176 per my log book.

300 yards with 75 amax

703 yards with 75 amax

My load workup at 92* Ambient.

SSA Brass
FED AR Small Rifle Match Primer
2.290" 75gr amax
29.0-2997 Very Light Swipes
29.2-3000 Light Swipes
29.4-3009 Ejector Marks Starting to show(dont go higher)

I can throw in the brass that ive formed for it along with the ammo box and such.
The size die has a .215" expander so i run the brass thru my 22-250 die that has a .222" expander which gave me a .221" ID on the neck.

The Barrel and Dies cost me $379 new.
Asking $325 Shipped for the ARP Barrel, Whidden Dies, Formed SSA & Federal Brass. Ill try and get a brass count tonight when i get home.

Please give me a day or two to respond, work is kinda crazy right now and my Tapatalk only gives me a daily notification on my Cell.
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Sold Pending Funds....

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