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Hey guys saw an upper from SW Mp line in this caliber. What can you tell me I think its a russian round is it smaller than the 5.56 or similar the guy had a good price on the upper says he cant sell it. Looks like there is plenty of ammo available for it on line. May try it out. Give me your 2Cents.
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I'd like to pick one up, and wish I had when they were more reasonably priced.

The obvious shortcoming is the C(rap)-products magazines, and since I hear that 5.56 springs don't work in the 5.45 magazines, there's really no ready fix.
This is well off the topic of the 5.45, but you don't need to "get over" the FSB. With a magnified optic you'll see a ghosting at best, and with an RDS you'll see the base but not notice it because your focus will be on the target.

(there's a rear sight in there too, FWIW)
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts