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450 Bushmaster - First Blood, not at all like expected - Monoflex Bullet #1

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I recently put this build together and got it functioning well, put a Sightmark PhotonXT (6.5x) on top and hit the range on our lease.

Ahead of the hunt I spent about 4 hours shooting various guns and zeroing the Bushmaster, I believe I stopped shooting at about 510pm and this guy came to the feeder right about 630pm. My scent was all over the place as I was placing targets and not really counting on setting in the blind for too long.

Well before getting ready to wrap it up and head to the field I spy this hog, I quickly flicked on the recorder and got into a shooting position. Ordinarily I watch the animal for a short duration before taking the shot but with my scent being heavy in the area and the hog being on the outside of the pen I convinced myself to shoot - SHOOT NOW.

Oh what a goof for the first blood on this rifle.

I watched as the hog took the shot and ran away and just sort of shook my head in silence.

Big Bore - THUMPER - you know the drill right - 250 grains of gilding metal flying through the air is going to knock them off their feet. Body parts will not stand a chance of remaining intact...

Well - a follow up shot was made it didn't connect and I didn't see any other hogs the remainder of the night so the next morning I thawed out (heater didn't work for me in camp) and took to the trail. Looked good, heck even I was able to find the body.

He ran through some trails and zig zagged and came to rest about 50 yards away.

I did a brief necropsy, I avoided the organs as I poked around so unsure on lungs / heart condition.

You'll see in the video that the recovered bullet is picture perfect - but I'm still baffled by his ability to run and not at least be blown over by the impact.

Don't get me wrong I'm happy to have recovered the hog after placing such a poor shot but I will be monitoring future hog reactions to this bullet (handload) and update here as I can (if the recorder and hunter cooperate).
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I have had great success with the 450B using the Hornady ammo. If they don't drop in place they leave a huge blood trail. Fun to shoot!
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