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30 rar

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I'm not sure this is in the right place...but here goes...


A .5" diameter case...in an AR-15?

As an article in AccurateShooter.com said


I think the 6.8 SPC was a great idea. Then Remington took that great idea and screwed it up beyond all recognition every which way from Sunday, and then apparently dropped it like a hot potato and went looking for something else to muck up.

Why in the SAM HILL would they ignore their own excellent AR cartridge, the 6.8 REMINGTON SPC, for their own AR?

Now seriously, how many AR shooters would be attracted to a 4 round single stack mag? And loaded with short fat 30 caliber bullets guaranteed to shed velocity faster than a dog sheds hair?

The 6.8 has to be superior in every category imaginable.


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According to Remington's own website it has a muzzle velocity of 2278 fps with a 125 gr softpoint. This is less than the 7.62x39

This also probably explains why DPMS is dropping the 6.8 from their line.
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