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I've got a Cooper Chrome-Moly barrel blank for sale. These are the exact blanks used to make Cooper Rifles. The blank is a 27", .277 cal, 10 twist, in a #4 contour. It is a Premium Match grade blank. Wilson Arms is the maker of this barrel, they make bulk barrels for several companies, but several different grades of blanks for other companies. One is the Premium Match barrels for the Cooper Firearms Company (Cooper Firearms and Wilson Arms are both owned by the same company). The barrels for the Cooper Rifles get the deluxe treatment like any of the premium barrels from the high end barrel makers. They are hand lapped, and air gauged. I actually got this barrel from Cooper, I had a friend that used to work there, that got this for me. I was going to build a 270 WSM, but changed directions, and decided to go with another cartridge in another caliber all together. This barrel would work out great for a 6.8 SPC or .277 Wolverine. It is contoured for a bolt gun, but can be very easily recontoured for an AR barrel.

While I personally can't give it the 1/2" accuracy guarantee, it is the same barrel that Cooper gives a 1/2" accuracy guarantee to, when you order one
Asking $225 TYD.

PM is best.
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