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I've got a box of opened, but unused .270 caliber 130 grain Nosler Partitions and an opened box of .270 caliber Sierra 90 grain Varmiters for sale. I did not use any of the Partitions, so there are 50 bullets present with the original box, plastic wrapper, and foam rubber padding. I used 23 of the Varmiterss for load development so there are 77 of them remaining along with the original green speer box they came in. I'd like to get $17 shipped for the 77 Varmiters and $26 dollars shipped for the Partitions. If one person buys both boxes, I'll let them all go for $40 bucks shipped. All these bullets are still nice and bright and have minimal smudge marks from handling. The first "I'll take it/them" wins and trumps all PMs and or emails. Money orders only please. Thanks much for looking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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