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264lbc/6,5 Grendel

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I have an 18" arp spiral fluted 264 lbc/ 6b5 grendel barrel with 800 series extion, I am looking to unload. I installed it and sited it in at 100 yds. It shot less than .5 moa however I no longer have the pics to prove this point. After installation I ran into cycling issues. I spoke to H "ar15 performance" and decided to drill the gas hole out a couple of thousandths. I no longer had any issues. Th gun sat in my safe for 2 years and probable less than 150 rounds through the barrel.

There are 2 nicks in the barrel, 1 was there when I received it and the other there from gas block installation. I am looking to unload my entire 6.5 grendel equipment. All shown in the pics below is included in cost. I am seeking 400.00 for the equipment if you are local or 420 shipped to you. 20 for shipping by paypal gift only.

I will not split up!

1x arp spiral fluted 264 lbc barrel and muzzel break, feed ramps polished.
2x matched 264 lbc 800 series bolts ** h tells me they will withstand the 60,000 psi like the 750 xl** this bolt is a smiggit larger.
1x 6.5 hornady custom reloading dies. opened but never used #546291
3x hornady 123 gr sst #8152
6x hornady 123 gr a-maxx #8150

Below are pictures of the bolt, nicks on the barrel and so forth. please p.m me if you have questions.

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I think I have a buddy interested. I will talk to him tomorrow.
I think I have a buddy interested. I will talk to him tomorrow.
Yes Sir, keep me posted. Thanks
Pending Sale

Sold pending funds!

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