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This AM was a hot one in the desert. Not nice today with 105+ predicted but you shoot when you can. New barrels don't deserve to languish in the safe long and some other testing needed done so a trip was in order. Sunny and a balmy 95 and boiling mirage.

Build specifications were pretty basic. 22" Black Hole, 1:8 standard weight, rifle gas length.. BTE gas block and trigger (3 .5 lb) with a Young Manufacturing free float tube. Load was a 95 grain Sierra Match King out of a ASC magazine at 2.313 over 28.0 of 8208 velocity was 2955.

Here's the rig getting a bit warm and loving the heat.

Half a dozen shots at 100 yards for zero and then up 2 MOA and a change to the 200 yard board.

Six shots down range. The high shot was cold bore and then the five. Six shots were a 0.903. The bottom five snuggled in to a 0.834. Not a bad first go but surely that isn't all she wrote.

The next five shot were a bit more tractable in the soup. I think this is one that can be pretty repeatable and one that I can take to distance considerring that bullet and the speed. CTC on this ran 0.724. If my math is right that woild be 0.345 MOA.

It was a good day for testing the new tube and a couple other projects cooking in the background got some needed attention. A Father's Day for the books and memory bank beyond a doubt.

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