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I've used dogtown 50gr in my savage bull barrel .223 and 55gr in the 22-250. Good bullets, not phemominal but well worth the price. They'll hit Prairie poodles at 300 if you do your part. 27.5-28 grs of H-BLC-2 in .223. if you use 55gr in .223 drop the powder down to 27. 38grs H-380 with the 55gr in 22-250.

Those are my standars loads for Prairie Dogs. H-335 50gr in.223 start down at 24.5 and work up a little but you need to start watching the pressure by 25grs if I remember right. Reloader 10x is good, reloader 7 is ok. W748 is right in there.

I use a Lyman reloading manual for the recipes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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