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22 AR

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I decided to get a AR style 22 for the great neice and nephews to practice with . After looking at several brands I chose the Hammerli . It looks and feels exactly like a typical AR even though I would rather they had left off the nonfunctional forward assist and bolt release . I was surprised that the poi didn't change going from the birdcage it came with to a linear comp to suppressor . I shot three different bullets with all three devices and after 150 rounds the worst 50 yd group was 2" best was less than an inch . This was the first time I tried a linear comp on a 22 but I will definitely be keeping one on it and will try it on my 22 pistol also . I'm very pleased with everything except the trigger wich breaks smooth at around 7 lbs. Maybe they will come out with a pistol version ,I hope so.

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Back when you could get inexpensive 22 ammo, you saved a significant amount of money every time you pulled the trigger. It took 1,500 rounds for my M&P 22 to pay for itself.
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