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Finally got my 6.8 the way I want it. Primarily set up for deer hunting. Plan to add a suppressor in the near future.
The target shows a 5 round group at 100 yards of one of my loads. 4 rounds are within 3/4" and the 5th round took it out to 1 1/4". The 3 round group just below was a different load.

Anderson upper and lower
16" YHM barrel carbine length gas, and flash suppressor
Odin Works adjustable gas block
UTG Handguard
Magpul Rifle stock and pistol grip
Leupold VX3i 2.5-8x scope


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Hers mine. Spikes receiver set, SA Piston, JM Sabre trigger, ARP 16" midlength barrel, UTG Pro slim rail, Larue APEG grip, not shown VG6 Gamma brake

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Here is some updated pics of my 6.8 SPC AR. I changed the furniture out to magpul.
parts rundown: PSA 18" CHF upper with Aero VG6 gamma muzzle brake, AIM BCG and BCM Mod 4 CH
Aero scope mount with Nikon 4-12X buck masters scope.
Sun Devil lower with ALG defense trigger, BCM pistol grip


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Here's my build and parts:

12.5" 6.8 ARP Barrel
Aero Precision Upper, SBR Lower, 12" Rail
Odin Works Adjustable Gas Block
Toolcraft Bolt, Aero Precision Carrier
Dead Air Sandman S and Muzzle Brake
Velocity 3lb Trigger
Magpul Grip and Stock
Leuplod Mark AR Mod 1 3-9x40
Aero Precision Scope Mount

Lower Rifle is a 22lr Pistol
4" Taccom Barrel
Aero Precision Upper, Lower, 7" Rail
Thompson Machine CHD
Mega Arms 4lb Trigger
Shockwave Blade
SightMark Ultra


Stag Arms 6.8 model 7, Stngr handguard, CMC NRA blue trig, Harrell tunable muzzle brake
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First upgrades to my Stag upper,
STNGR handguard
Streamline ProTac
Harrell tunable muzzle brake
Fixing to install CMC NRA blue SS trig

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Duracoat matte OD Green and Brown rattle cans. Everybody is doing tan...so figured I'd buck the trend a bit since I'm in a NA wooded area.

Build Notes:
  • Daniels Defense 16" 5R 1:11 SPC II S2W HF CL, dimpled for gas block alignment
  • 15" JL Billet Magnesium Alloy NANO Ultra M-Lock Handguard (6oz total with hardware and barrel nut, offsets the weight of the heavy barrel nicely)
  • Upper is just a plain jane Anderson Mil-Spec, Cerro Forged 7075,
  • Upper is Squared and barrel Bedded with Rocksett, barrel nut torqued to 55 ft-lbs
  • Precision Armament EFAB hybrid brake (A2 flash suppression, 40% recoil reduction)
  • LWRC 6.8 Combat Bolt
  • NiB Low Mass Carrier (8.5oz)
  • SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block (sealed, torqued to spec and pinned)
  • Nitrided mid-length gas tube from Aero Precision
  • JP SCS buffer with 85% Black Spring, 2 Tungsten 1 Steel weight (4.6oz)
  • Geissele Receiver Pins, SD-E trigger and Mag Catch
  • Radian Raptor ambi charging handle and Radian ambi 45 degree selector
  • BCM furniture all around
  • Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x LVPO
  • Sig Romeo 4S RDS
  • Badger Ordnance C1 Mount 1.70", 0 cant
  • Surefire X400V light (does IR pointer, IR illum and 350L white) with M-lock pressure pad on top
  • Lower is just the old Adams Arms mil-spec I've had for nearly a decade, has over 10k rounds through it.
  • ASC 25rd mags with modified Magpods (I like them on my 5.56, so ported the design over to the ASC's)
  • Also have a Magpul Bi-pod that's M-Lock I use sometimes for precision shooting. Only 11oz.
Build at the end of 2020 to replace my previous 16" 68 build that was Piston based. Obviously this is set up as a fighting rifle with light suppressive fire capability. It is my personal take on the M27 IAR concept implemented by the Marines (except not full auto). Already been drop tested a few times...
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