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20" SPC barrel????

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i'm going to build my next 6.8 and want a DMR type rifle with a 20" barrel. it needs to be able to stabilize the 120 Barnes solids. Bison has 11 twist barrels with a rifle gas system that look good. any others out there. i looked at extreames due to all the good talk but they are all 16". it's either that or i build my own. i would hate to have to chase down a reamer and such but would happily do it to get what i want. so the basic question is this. Bison the only game in twon? are they good enough for what i want to do?
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the 120's need a 1-11 or 1-12 IIRC... now you could PM Constructor and see if he will order you a 1-12.... OR you can wait on Bisons 1-11...
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