2009 Haas VF2-SS and 2007 Haas SL20 with all tooling and proven programs. Both were demo machines in SLC and have every option available. Lathe is 20hp 4000rpm and has full C axis and live tooling with Hybrid turret (bolt on and VDI), 5 and 16C collet chucks plus 3 jaw along with many other but those are the most important.
VF2-SS is 30hp, 12000rpm with 1400 IPM rapid. 1.7 second tool change 24 station. 5 axis capable, has single 5C indexer at the moment for bolts. Has another $25000 quad indexer but needs motor rebuilt on it. There is probably 8-$10,000 in misc tooling, inserts, mills, tool holders, 90 and straight live tools etc
Machine are fairly low hour, we only ran 8 hours a day and had other machines running that have already been sold.
I know the machines bare are not worth that much but the proven programs are, both machines can make 6-$8/minute or 360-$480/hour.
Should have hooked up and under power next week. Both machines have multiple voltage transformers, they can run on everything from residential 3 phase to 600V 3 phase.