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14" .308

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I have a 14 " .308 Armalite AR-10 I got brand new from Noveske with a perm. Vortex on it (16" overall). It is a great shooter but I am starting to think its overkill for what I intended on using it for. The more and more I run ballistic test and read Gel tests/reports etc... I do not think you gain much under 300 yards using lets say a 155 grn. A-MAx vs the 110 grain BTHP Hornady round. I mean the wound cavity and penetration are very very similar. I know the .308 has alot more energy but that about it. Anyway, I was really gonna use this gun for 0-300 yds, does it seem like overkill when the 6.8 performs extremly well as that range?

Other thought I had was to run maybe a max - 10 power scope on it to get out to 600 + and a Trijicon/Dr. Optic on the front canted for 0-100 yds. I know some 3 gunners run this set-up and like it alot.
Thoughts? Thanks
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owenslee said:
I have two AR10's and multiple 6.8's and for hunting whitetail deer at ranges less than 300 yds...the 6.8 would be my clear choice. No competition. The 6.8 will do everything a .308 will do under 300 yds with less weight / bulk and recoil. Even the trajectories are nearly identical.

Something to consider is that I have had three occasions when a .308 at distances of less than 100 yds was too much gun for hunting whitetails and resulted in excessive meat damage with a 150 gr conventional soft point. At shorter ranges I would agree that the .308 on deer could be overkill if you are a meat hunter.

However for 600 yds the AR10 is a better choice...but I would not have selected a 14" barrel. A 20 or 24" .308, .260 or 7mm-08 barrel would be my own preference.

I couldnt agree more, 18+ inches for the 308 if you want to GO long, but 300 and under, why not use the 308 you have now?
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