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135 SMK's Single Shot Loads?

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I had bought a box of these when I was first starting reloading to use for subsonic rounds. They are bit too long for the CProducts magazines I have to function properly. What I was thinking of doing was loading some of these up tonight w/RL10x and H322. I was planning on just barely seating them into the brass and then dropping the bolt home. Taking a measurement and then maybe dropping them back a few thousands on an inch off of the lands. Much like the guys shooting the 80 and 90 grain 223 rounds are doing for competition. I really have no other use for these and as they won't reach magazine length anyway, I don't really lose anything loading up single shot style.

Has anyone else tried this and does anyone have any suggestions? Any ideas on much higher I can load since the pressure levels should drop?

I was mainly just curious as too how much velocity I can get by increasing the COAL, more case capacity/less pressure as a result while using these higher BC bullets. I thought I might be able to load up a decent LR round. According to JBM's caculations, if I could get them up 2500fps, they would still be traveling 1135fps @ 1K yrd w/44.0 MOA of drop.

In comparision, my 308 (yes, It'll still feed from the magazine however) w/168gr smk's handloads are 2524fps at the muzzle and is still traveling 1105fps @ 1k, w/44.9 MOA of drop.

The published B.C. of the 0.277 135 SMK is 0.488 and the .308 168gr SMK B.C. is 0.462.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. If anyone else has tried this (I'm sure someone else has) your input would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.
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Talk to HTR also he is working on some subloads with the 135.
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