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11-87 vs 1100

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Hello All. I have been invited to go skeet shooting with one of the guys I work with. I've never been before and don't know what to expect. I have asked around at work and was suprised that several of them have done it before.

I got to asking what to shoot with. Most of them were divided between a Remington 11-87 and 1100. Me, I own a Winchester Model 1200 pump that I've had since I was 16. A couple people laughed and said I was wasting my time with a pump gun. I know it's not necessary to have an autoloading shotgun. I have seen on tv people using o/u shotguns.

Actually I have 2 questions, 1. What type of shotshell should I use? 2. What is the difference between an 11-87 and an 1100?

If I like skeet shooting it provides an opportunity to buy another weapon. However, I don't want to spend the money on a benelli or beretta. I have had experience with brownings and didn't care for them.

Comments and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Honestly there will be more felt recoil with the pump but if you know how to use it you will be fine. I have done dog trails with a pump and got second rounds off at ducks as quickly as guys with autos. If you know your shotgun you will do well. Just go and enjoy. A lot of guys using the autos do so because they cannot handle the recoil of a pump. The way the gun fits you is very important.
On my comments about the auto shooters and recoil I forgot the part about it is the fact that you are shooting such a high number of rounds that causes the issues. In shooting skeet you generally will shoot 3 or 4 strings and that equates to 75-100 rounds. That is quite a few shoots with a 12 guage.
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