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1:10 vs 1:11 in Stainless barrel

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I've noticed a move to the 1:11 twist vs the 1:10. Is there a reason for this? I also noticed that it looks like from the test report that stainless tends to stay alittle lower on the pressure?

Anybody have any insight on this?

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If you research further you'll see the original 6.8 designers preferred slower twists and knew these twists would perform better. 1:10 twist barrel blanks were used initially due to being popularly available... as .270 Winchester.

Make sure to read the stickied 6.8 barrel testing reports above, and search the thread histories for topics such as DMR, SPC II, etc. There is tons of info on this forum if you have the time to read it. :)

Long story short... at a minimum you want the SPC II chamber, or DMR chamber, and twist rates of 1:10 at the fastest, and preferably 1:11, or 1:12. The industry has largely moved away from the ridiculous SAAMI chamber (thanks Remington), and many companies are moving to different twist rates or rifling types to further reduce pressure and increase performance.

For the hunting and shooting you mentioned, you have several good selections to choose from. The Xtreme 6.8 uppers, LWRC, Noveske, Stag, RRA, WOA, Denny's GTS, POF, Addax Tactical, CMMG.
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sharpshooter33 said:
Thanks ArtFWTx for your input. I know there is a lot of info on these pages and I hope to digest as much as possible with the time I have. Unfortunately I don't have the kinda time I used to for shooting and firearms research. I've got children in college, cars to keep running and a home to maintenance. So I try to streamline my research and your answers from all of you help with that.

Thanks all
Many have busy schedules and other things to do. If you do have a few minutes, this link is probably the most important to read before investing in 6.8 products.

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