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  1. Hunting with the 6.8 mm
    I picked up a custom 14.5" 6.8 rem spc II barrel from MGM for one of my TC Encore pistol frames. Used it Tuesday the 23rd to take down a doe at @70 yards. I was using Hornady 120gn SST's. Good luck this season.
  2. Buy, Sell, Trade: 6.8 SPC Rifles, Uppers & Misc.
    Sold my last 6.8 SPC, and this is all I have remaining. Will not ship due to UPS / FedEx hubs being too far of a drive and hassle / expense to deal with for this small amount. But I'd be happy to meet you in person part way - somewhere along 64 on the eastern peninsula, and as far away as...
  3. Buy, Sell, Trade: 6.8 SPC Rifles, Uppers & Misc.
    I'm selling a Wilson Combat match 18 inch barrel. With bolt. Probably about 200 rounds down the barrel. Combination of factory loads and few hand loads. With the barrel goes with Redding deluxe dies, no go gauge, crimp die, bunch of barnse bullets projectiles 97gr and Hornady bthp projectiles...
1-3 of 3 Results